Augmented Reality

Digi Art Web, a new age company in India, specialises in ingenuous AR solutions crafted with the latest technology. Our developers create augmented reality in India for a huge range of industries

Reduce Language Barriers    

Create Immersive, Rich & Interactive User Experience 

  Let Viewers Connect With The Content.

  Bridge Between Customer Location & Product Location

Full Cycle AR Development

At Digi Art Web, we offer end-to-end AR app development solutions

AR Basic

It is the simplest type of augmented reality suited for brand and product promotions. Immerse your product into the world we live in and easily convey your message.

AR Animated

Animated AR has objects or elements that move about in pre-defined motion patterns. You can opt for animation augmented reality to create some great visuals with life.

AR Interactive

Interactive AR consists of elements that respond to designated user actions and gestures. It can be used to enhance user involvement with an interactive experience.

Today, reality-based interactive technologies have high demand in various industries besides gaming apps. Fully tap the potential of AR with our AR & VR development company in India.

Some industries making use of our AR in their apps -