2D Animation Services

Digi Art Web is one of the top-notch agencies in India, offering a vast range of 2D animation and motion graphics services. Our team of talented animators and graphic designers deploy world-class infrastructure to bring you outstanding 2D animation and motion graphics in India. Right from conceptualisation to storyboard creation and character design, we cater to the entire requirement.


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Our Features

Creative Content: Get artwork that has been customized to reflect your brand & the proposition

Quality Audio: Uses copyright free sounds to captivate your audiences and drive home your message

Script: Authentic and engaging scripts written solely for your audiences

Pricing: We use technology to bring prices lower compared to traditional animation

Quick Delivery: We have the quickest turnaround times for delivering your videos

Revisions: Get multiple revisions and changes made to your videos as per your needs

2D Animation & Motion Graphics

What is the best way to deliver your marketing message to your audience? An animation video you would say… Absolutely Right! What thousands of successful corporates are leveraging is the power & the efficiency of animated videos for corporate pitches, investor presentations, training & tutorials and more.
2D Animation & Motion graphics is one of the most effective ways to send your message across to your customers in a visually creative way. As a brand trying to woo your audiences towards your product or proposition, you have numerous options to customize 2D animation videos exactly as per your style & needs. 2D animation is cost effective where technology has been driving the price lower in the last few years as compared to traditional animated videos. It also provides you with the flexibility to make changes rather quickly and content can be delivered to you in the shortest amount of time. Our creative team will help you create videos that are impactful and deliver a lasting impact on your target audience. Whether they be explainer videos, tutorials, how to’s, training videos, safety videos.